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Drinking Games

Turn your boat ride into the ultimate experience and play one or more of our favorite drinking games! Have fun and remember to always drink responsibly. 🍻


Saved by the Bell!

This is our personal fav. Every time the crew rings the bell  everyone must take a sip of their drink! Please drink responsibly. 


Oh Oh the Rattlin Bog!

If you've never played this one we feel bad for you. First have everyone grab a fresh drink then ask your crew to play the song and explains the rules. P.S. you have to slap the bar as loud as you can to the beat. Please drink responsibly. 

Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 10.03.56 PM.png


For the Swifties!

This one is for all you Taylor Swift lovers out there. Play the song "Mean" and drink every time Taylor says the word "you". Please drink responsibly. 


Thunder Struck 🌩️

Almost everyone knows this classic drinking game! Play the classic by AC/DC and when they say "thunder" one person starts to drink then when they say "thunder" again that person stops and the person to their right starts to drink! Please drink responsibly. 

Screenshot 2024-04-19 at 10.20.32 AM.png


Cheers to the Governor! 

In order, the players count from one to 21 and must follow a set of rules. The first rule is that the numbers “seven” and “11” are switched, so the count goes, “six, 11, eight” and so on. When the group hits 21, everyone says, “Cheers to the governor.” The person who 21 landed on gets to make a new rule that people must follow, like requiring people to make an animal noise when they say the number 15, for example. Then it starts over from one and the rules carry over until every number has a rule. Please drink responsibly. 

We hope you enjoy some of our favorite drinking games, click here to see some more. Remember to please drink responsibly. 

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